Sunday, March 15, 2009

March 15, 2009

Well I just wanted to give a bit more detail on yesterdays update.

Currently the kids and I just enjoyed a week off from school for Spring Break. We sent Chris down to KTN to meet with our contractor. So YES, that means we are moving back home this summer. Chris will be home at end of June and the kids and I will be home early August. We decided to add some square footage to our Pond Reef house. The boys are ready to get back home and us girls are getting there. Lizzy and I are excited to go home but are going to miss Dutch terribly.

The kids are doing great in school. Indoor soccer just finished this weekend. Lizzy played jr high basketball this yr which ran at the same time but that ended at the end of Feb. We are looking forward to slowing down a bit for after school activities. But we will be plenty busy getting ready for home.

Chris had quite an adventure so far with his trip, heres a short version. He was scheduled to leave last Saturday but ALL flights were cancelled due to 80+ winds here in Dutch. That meant he missed his connection in ANC for SUN to KTN. He got out on Sun to ANC but couldn't make it straigh to KTN. He ended up with a confirmation ticket for TUES and ended up leaving MON on stand by. He went to KTN via SEA!!.....He had a great visit and was ready to start his trip home when in ktn he was told his ticket was CANCELLED because he missed his 1st connection. But he made it on the plane only to over night in Juneau and is now in ANC for the night with his friend John and we HOPE weather permitting he will be home around 4pm tomorrow!

Hope this finds everyone doing well and maybe spring around the corner!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

All Is Good 3.14.2009

Hello everyone! Just wanted to give a quick hello and let everyone know we are doing great. Sorry we missed you call today Ken. I will call you back I am home to grab the video camera and have to empty my memory card so I figure this was a good time to check/update the blog. I will give a better update tonight, since I am supposed to take it easy after having a tooth pulled this morning. So once I get home from Lizzy's last soccer game I will give a better update. Thanks for checking on us. We miss everyone.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ketchikan Trip

OK so I tried to upload a "slide show" if it doesnt work I believe you can click on view all pics and see them. I will work on it again tomorrow. By the way we had a great time in K town.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Well for those of you who don't know already, SURPRISE we all came home for a visit. It has been great to sneak up on people. Chris is here until the 5th and the kids and I are here until the 15th.
It has been a great week so far and we have greatly enjoyed the sunshine along with everyone else. Lizzy and Micah had a great time up at Orton Ranch. Lucky kids.
We are currently looking into buying a new house on the north end so that means selling our Pond Reef property. So we shall see , it has been an eventful week already running around getting our ducks in a row. So keep your fingers crossed for us we are excited about this new house for our family to come back to but that also means saying good bye to our piece of land that we love.
Anyway we hope to get to see everyone there are many hugs to make up for and it is great to be home. And yes this is home even though I have become quite fond of Dutch Harbor.

Friday, July 04, 2008


Well we are still out here in good ole Dutch. Waiting for summer to arrive we thought it was here but I think its just teasing us. We still have patches of snow on the mountains(large

Today is the 4th and we went and watched the "parade" the kids got some candy and the weather managed to stay dry for us. There was a free BBQ for all to enjoy...can't remember who put it on. We ate and ran because it was COLD outside. We have low lying fog a bit of mist the non stop breeze and it was maybe 45 degrees out. brrrrr

The kids are happy its summer time and I am enjoying my time off too. But we are getting into some bad habits of staying up late and sleeping in. I can't believe that they will be going into 5th and 7th grade. Time is flying way to fast. Pretty crazy to think in just a few days we will have been gone from KTN for 2yrs.

Well just wanted to update everyone who maybe checking in on us. I will try to work on getting more photos up for all to see. Hope everyone is having a good summer too.

We hope we get to actually see the fireworks tonight. Last year they were shot into the clouds but at least it was a bit warmer and dryer. Guess it all depends it I can stay up till midnight. Hugs to all.

New Photo's

This was taken June 28th. We are playing "pirates" version of LIFE its pretty fun. The guy in the photo is my friend Lyle from the "old days". He's in the coast guard and we reconnected out here, it had been since 1992 since we ran into each other and for those curious ones he dated a good friend of mine way back when. :)
This is Tommy's newest game he got it after he finished reading 3 good sized books. The school sent home summer "work" packets but he wanted no part of them, go figure. So we decided on the books instead.
Here is a pic of a young fox right behind my house. It was about 10pm when I spotted him in the driveway and so did our cat Popcorn. I have a pic I need to get uploaded of her getting ready to chase off the fox. It was pretty cute to watch the fox run from her. But it did kinda make me nervous.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Photo Contest

This fox photo took first in for "animals&scenery".

This one of town and the fog took first place for "culture".
So not much of an update. I will work on some kids photos soon. These photos are from a local photo contest for the Visitors Bureau. My friend Terry convinced me to enter it was pretty exciting. The fox photo lost by 3 votes for "peoples choice" to a beautiful panoramic sunset.